AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer




AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer

Initially called the AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer RAW, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is an elite home grown vaporizer that is intended for dry mixes. This unit warms material utilizing a skillet-like warming curl and earthenware channel that apportions clean sweet-smelling fume in under 5 seconds. It works well underneath the temperature required to consume a procedure called vaporization. There’s no ignition, subsequently no smoke. Rather, the AtmosRx delicately warms sufficiently only to discharge the embodiment of your preferred herbs. The procedure of AtmosRx vaporization or volatilization discharges the basic, dynamic components of a substance with no copying. The AtmosRx utilizes a bleeding edge convection innovation that discharges simply enough warmth and air to release the imperative components; yet insufficient warmth and air for the materials to combust.The AtmosRx is an immediate draw convenient vaporizer that takes after a wellspring pen. Subsequently it is known as a pen vape because of its classy and smooth plan. The AtmosRx propelled microchip innovation guarantees a careful temperature to take out overheating or consuming the plant substance. This kills a large number of the unsafe side-effects of ignition. Vaporization delivers NO smoke, almost no tar, or some other poisonous components. In contrast to burning, vaporization doesn’t incite significant denaturing of the substance. At the point when a substance is “denatured”, its compound make-up changes. For instance, when catalyzed by a fire. New mixes are then made that were not initially inside the plant itself. Probably the best resource of AtmosRx vaporization innovation is that the vaporization doesn’t generously modify the mixes being disintegrated and doesn’t make any components that were not initially present in the source material.


* Completely Portable – No Cords or Wires

* Utilizes Advanced Lithium Ion Battery

* Discreet and Lightweight

* Wind Proof

* Ready to use in Seconds

* Advanced Vaporizing Technology

* Stylish and Sleek Design


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