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Exotic Carts

Exotic Carts are cartridges of THC oil extracted from cannabis. Exotic Carts is an extremely strong product (80-88% THC), classified as a premium product in the cannabis industry. This product is sold in different delicious flavors. Minors and especially pregnant women should stay away from this weed. Because they will not be able to withstand the powerful blow of this cannabis oil. At we always assure ourselves of the age of our customers, as well as their state of health before selling our products to them. It is sold a lot on the cannabis black market because of the laws of some states which do not allow the free circulation of cannabis and its derivative products. That’s why the delivery is also done in a total discetion.

Buy Exotic Carts Online

Would you like to buy very good quality Exotic Carts with delicious flavors, despite the fact that it is potent and illegal? Do not move because you are in the right place. offers a wide range of exotic carts thc cartridges at very good prices to put you at ease. You can therefore make your choice on the different flavors that you see, and we will take care of the delivery to the address you will communicate to us.

Exotic Carts Flavors

Exotic Carts Flavors come in several varieties to allow smokers to choose a flavor that suits them. Its flavors are selected by professionals to offer you a pleasant taste in the mouth and an unforgettable vaping experience. We therefore allow you to make your choice among our different flavors of our pre-filled THC vape cartridges :


Pineapple Express : 93.57% THC,

Strawnana : 96.12% THC,

Apple Fritter : 91.48% THC,

Durban Poison : 90.55% THC


Girl Scout Cookies : 92.65% THC,

Gelato : 92.23% THC,

Grape Pie : 87.67%,

Gorilla Glue : 89.34% THC


Do Si Do : 91.22% THC

Yoda OG : 91.74% THC

Tropical : 93.14% THC

Mars OG : 92.31% THC

Kosher Kush : 91.21% THC

Forbidden Fruit : 94.55% THC

Wedding : 93.75% THC


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