Honey Dew Dank Vapes

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Honey Dew Dank Vapes

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3 reviews for Honey Dew Dank Vapes

  1. Haneef el-Dallal (verified owner)

    I use it for anxiety/stress maybe and it worked almost immediately

  2. Haamid al-Hussein (verified owner)

    I liked this product so I have reordered 3?times! I would recommend it to anyone as it gives therapeutic relief from pain and anxiety! I will definitely be reordered!

  3. Haarith al-Soltani (verified owner)

    I hurt the muscle in my arm a week ago. After two days the pain is gone. I usually get between 5/6 hours of sleep a night. After two days I got seven hours of sleep last night. The flavor is ok.

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