Claimed by Cura Cannabis Solutions, one of the biggest cannabis organizations in America, the Select brand has been a top of the line West Coast pioneer in the cannabis vape oil industry for quite a long time. Select carts has been winning honors and acquiring acknowledgment not just for their broad line of cannabis vape items, yet in addition their immense range of treats from 1+1 proportion CBD/THC colors to CBD just items to palatable chewy candies.

One of their most mainstream lines of cannabis oil vape cartridges is called Select Elite. Select Elite cannabis vape cartridges convey enacted, wide range oils that imbue high caliber and power with Select’s most noteworthy centralization of initiated THC. Select carts

Utilizing Ethanol hasj Oil extraction strategies and exclusive refining methods, Select’s vape items give undeniable degrees of cannabinoid and THC maintenance, just as regular terpene conservation. Every cartridge conveys strong and consistent with strain high impacts just as characteristic flavors.

Half Gram Strains:

0.5g Laughing Buddha/Sativa

0.5g Strawberry Banana/Hybrid

0.5g Pineapple Express/Hybrid

0.5g Original Glue #4/Hybrid

0.5g Gelato/Indica

Full Gram Strains:

1.0g Super Lemon Haze/Sativa

1.0g Great White Shark/Sativa

1.0g Maui Wowie/Sativa

1.0g Durban Poison/Sativa

1.0g Headband/Hybrid

1.0g Sunset Sherbet/Hybrid

1.0g White Rhino/Indica

1.0g Pre-98 Bubba Kush/Indica


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