Sour Diesel Cartridge by Co2 Clear




Sour Diesel Cartridge by Co2 Clear

Sour Diesel Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains 100% natural CO2 separated THC oil handled from sativa strain Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel is a VIP among cannabis strains, proclaimed far and wide for its fantastic, elevating high that initiates a daze like state in the individuals who devour it. This cartridge is the perfect ally for a day went through appreciating nature with companions or under the daylight with friends and family. Sour Diesel results from a Mass Super Skunk x 91 Chemdawg cross. Co2 Clear Carts are in every case free of waxes and lipids, all inclusive 510 strung, and intended to deliver immense billows of fume for a wonderful hit, without fail


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