THC Distillate Teal Vape Pen (Different Flavours)




THC Distillate Teal Vape Pen

Our enhanced THC Distillate Teal Vape Pen arrives in a wide range of flavors that is certain to have your taste buds going wild!

Natural and characteristic terpenes are added to our THC Distillate Teal Vape Pen, giving a divine encounter like no other.

THC distillates have 90%+ THC level, making it one of the cleanest and most unadulterated cannabis extricates available. Because of the refining interaction, THC Distillate Teal Vape Pen is normally decarboxylated, which initiates the THC. We’ve pre-filled it in Saber Vape cases! Pick your #1 Saber Vape Pen tone and have a sweet watermelon vape pen to pull your pressure away.

THC Distillate vape Saber without any added substances or fillers,



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