THC E-Liquid Grape God 4ml




THC E-Liquid Grape God 4ml

THC E-Liquid Grape God 4ml One of the most famous cannabis strains and generally looked for after in California. The hereditary qualities have consistently been to some degree a puzzle. It has been reputed to begin from some pack seed out of Florida and later developed in California by raisers. This is an indica prevailing mixture. OG Kush is believed to be a combination of Chem-Dawg and the Hindu Kush. This strain is celebrated for its lovely, euphoric impacts. Numerous patients with temperament issue or constant pressure love this strain for its body high and vaporous state of mind impact. This strain will probably leave you stuck to the sofa. This Strain assists with queasiness, headaches, ADD/ADHD and Alzheimer’s illness.

* 4ml 4,200mg in each container

* 100% Solvent-Free Distillate

* Cannabis determined terpene


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