Vaporite Humite L E-Juice Vaporizer




Vaporite Humite L E-Juice Vaporizer

Vaporite Humite L E-Juice Vaporizer is perfect with a wide range of e-fluid/e-squeeze and highlights a propelled oil tank for effective vaporization. Not at all like numerous different vaporizers that utilization a wick to absorb the juice, the Humite utilizes a wickless structure and is incredibly simple to fill. Every unit incorporates a battery, usb charger, mouthpiece, oil tank, and 2 substitution warming loops. This bigger model of the Humite uses a 1600mah battery and a greater oil tank for holding your e-juice. The most up to date model (form 2.0) incorporates Bluetooth innovation that adjusts with any cell phone to screen utilization, temperature and battery level.

* 1600mah Battery

* Advanced Oil Tank

* Wickless Design

* Easy to Fill

* Fast Heat-Up Time

* Bluetooth Technology (Version 2.0)


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