Viridesco – Seawarp Honey Oil Carts 1ml



Viridesco – Seawarp Honey Oil Carts 1ml

Viridesco – Seawarp Honey Oil Carts 1ml is produced using Seawarp filled in the Kootenays, in Beautiful British Columbia!

Seawarp is a completely adjusted mixture reared in BC. It has a sweet flavor and fragrance with natural pine-like tones. It begins with an euphoric, cerebral and intellectually inspiring head buzz that is at last combined with a quieting body stone that facilitates every one of your nerves.

This very good quality vaping oil has been freely tried at MB labs to contain more than 82.70% Cannabinoids! This incorporates 78.60% THC!

This item has been resolved to be a 50/50 cross breed.

Tank: solid cleaned clay, fitting a 510-string (the most well-known battery type).

Our tanks are made of impenetrable white clay to jelly terpenes and convey the most perfect flavor insight!


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